Why is there a charge on my card?

You either purchased a course outright, or more than likely

The charge will be a monthly subscription to one of our courses

You will have signed up for a monthly subscription to one or more of the following courses.

Retrain Your Brain

OCD and Intrusive Thoughts Self Help

Overcoming Panic Attacks



Course don't look familiar?

You will have a received a receipt that looks like this, when you first signed up.  

If you want to cancel

I can help you with that.  You can  find instructions on how to cancel here.

What about refunds?

You might remember from when you signed up, there are no refunds on monthly subscriptions, you just cancel when you no longer need your course. 

This is explained  before you enrol, the screenshot below is an example from the Retrain Your Brain course

The refund policy is also shown on the main page and you can see this below, or if you prefer, you can  read our terms

Why is that?

When you cancel, you still have access to use your course until the end of your payment term,  we do not refund as the system keeps you enrolled until the end of the time that you have paid for.

If you still have questions, please feel free to  contact support.

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